Your work “The Crucial Challenge for International Aid: Making the Donor-Recipient Relationship Work to Prevent Catastrophe” addresses an important topic. Have you thought about publishing your work? This might fruitfully contribute to the discussion.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn, Director, CESIFO Group, Munich, Germany

I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading it. … my congratulations on a great piece of work.
Prof. Max Hamilton, M.D.FRCP, FBPS, Nuffield Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Department, Dept. of Psychiatry, The University of Leeds

We were very pleased to have this opportunity of considering your proposal and recognize that the book will make a significant contribution to an important area. I found the chapters well written and interesting.
Alan Sturmer- Senior Acquisitions Editor, Edward Elgar Publishing

The only thing you’ll regret after reading Karasek’s book is not having had it sooner. … a manual for the mind … and the perfect antidote for an age when we often feel we’ve lost rational control over our own lives.
“Contemporary Psychology, a Journal of Reviews

You have indeed been blessed with a brilliant mind. I am always amazed and taken by your brilliant work ... I really admire your scholarly contribution and productivity.
Prof. Wasfy B. Iskander, Ph.D., Chairman of the Economics Department at The Rhodes College, Memphis, TN, USA.

I must congratulate you on your fine work. The subject matter is of great interest to me,since my background is in Operations Research.
Prof. M.H. Hamza, Ph.D., Director, IASTED


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