Dr. Mirek Karasek FRSS, NY. Acad. Sci.

Mirek-sqWhile once coming up with a unique graphical mapping and solution to some cyclical diseases and was, in some medical circles, probably not very wisely, hailed as “the second best thing happened to psychiatry after Freud” Mirek Karasek settled down to more mundane modelling, optimizing and trying to find the solution to the current catastrophic free-fall of social, economic, and, above all, militantly charged religious political stratification systems in developing countries.

For these macro-models he invented a methodology that meshes behavioral and cardinal data into one, virtually error-free, quantitative data-base that maps the societies’ intra-heterogeneities as points on the hyperbolic curve where the Donors-Recipient system can be graphically assessed for its sustainability. As the algebraic proofs confirm, the ceteris paribus outcome, the”Doomsday Scenario” i.e. the world as we know it is likely to come to an end soon, unless conditions, spelled out in this book, are upheld.

In addition to publishing 5 books and 50+ articles in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Karasek has either chaired or given invited lectures all over the world (inclusive of China) for 40+ years.

Select Publications

  • A Simplified Statistical Estimation Procedure for Regional  Econometric Models (1973) Canadian J. of Statistics 1: 51-67.
  • Estimating the  Credibility of Results of Statistical  Computations when Variables are subject to Errors with Non-Zero Sum (1974) COMPSTAT  Physica Verlag, Wien, 183-192.
  • Nomography: A Useful Alternative for Monitoring Results of Some Models for Medical Data (1976) Biometrie-Praximetrie 3-4: 87-103.
  • A Forecasting  Model of Ontario Tourism (1979) Ont. Res. Council on Leisure, Toronto, Canada, 330-339.
  • Modelling a Country’s Export Operations, Trade Policies and Their Alternatives (1979) in Richard Bellman (ed.). Mathematical Modelling  U. of Missouri-Rolla Press, 1145-1154.
  • Patient Selection for Long-term Lithium Treatment in Clinical Practice (1979) Arch. Gen. Psychiatry 36: 894- 897.
  • Optimization of a Country’s Trade Policies (1980) in: A.V. Balakrishnan, M.Thoma (eds.). Lecture Notes in Control & Inform. Sciences (1980) Springer Verlag, Berlin, New York, 432-441.
  • Forecasting and Planning the Jeddah Air Traffic with a Mini Model (1982) Journal of  Forecasting 2: 409-417.
  • The Anatomy  of  Decision (1985) Vantage Press Inc., New York.
  • Socio-Economic Modelling & Forecasting in Lesser Developed Countries (1988) The Book Guild Ltd., Lewes, London.
  • Search for Optimum Economic Policy (1990) The GIC Publishers Inc., Hong Kong.
  • An Optimization Algorithm Simulating the Effect of Alternative Economic  Policies (1992) Int. Journal of Modelling & Simulation 12: 29-33.
  • Airport Congestion Mapped by Catastrophe Geometry (1994) The Arabian J. for Science & Engineering 19: 587-596.
  • A Robust Optimization Algorithm In Fuzzy Environment (1995) Optimization Techniques and Application 2: 1239-1248. World Scientific Publ. Co. Singapore, London.
  • Computer-Enhanced Planning and Operating of an Airport (1998) PCA Inc. KSA, Jeddah (available also in Arab translation).
  • An Essay on Globalization, Different Social Values, and the Terrorism (2001)  Polygon 7+8: 21-27. Polygon Verlag, Zurich.
  • CART-Project Completion Report (2003) EC TACIS Services, Brussels.
  • An Analysis on the Vulnerability Flex and its Impact on Selected ACP Countries (2010) EC EUROAID, Brussels.

Dr. Jennifer P. Tanabe

JenniferTanabeDr. Jennifer Tanabe earned both her Bachelors (1974) and Doctoral (1978) degrees in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development and has taught graduate level courses at Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, New York. She currently works as a freelance editor and writer.

Learn more on her website.

Select publications

  • Eternal Life in the Spirit World (2017) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 987-1387409129
  • Unification Insights into Marriage and Family: The Writings of Dietrich F. Seidel (2016) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 978-1365592348
  • Contemplating Unification Thought (2013) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 978-1300637714
  • Let Us Work Together For Good: David S.C. Kim’s Life Of Service To God (2011) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 978-1257627370
  • The Ideal Family To Be Or Not To Be: Testimonies Of A Life Of Faith (2011) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 978-0557461493
  • The Words of David S.C. Kim: Let Us Learn from the Past (2010) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 978-0557283347
  • Unification Thought Supplementary Materials (2009) Lulu Press, Raleigh, NC. ISBN 978-0557059997

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