product_thumbnailAll the sociological events in today’s world as presented by the media, such as social and political crises, religious uprisings, civil wars and terrorism, don’t make much sense even to the professionals let alone to the general public. What needs to be done to bring about a world in which resources are available to those who need them without people killing each other to obtain them or those in power taking them for their own benefit while their people continue to go without? In other words, how can this world become one of peace and prosperity for all instead of conflict and chaos which threatens the very fabric of civilization?

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International aid offers the promise of prosperity for the recipients and peace throughout the region if not the world. However, all too often even presumably simple economic interactionssay between well-meaning donors and needy recipients of the aidis fraught with disagreements and misunderstanding due to their cultural, political and religious differences. The resulting chaos increases the likelihood of conflicts, including terrorist activities, and wars in the region and beyond.

To make these problems understandable to everybody and to offer a potential solution, Mirek Karasek and Jennifer P. Tanabe have written a comprehensive ‘manual’ (including algebraic proofs and real-life data) of how international aid can avoid a looming doomsday scenario through a different donor-recipient model.

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